Take ur time but write anyways

Well the outcome of the poll on my Author page on self-discipline versus procrastination can certainly be called surprising. Where I thought I’d have to keep pushing and shoving even in the driest of times when inspiration is just a word without any content whatsoever, most of my fellow scribblers suggest taking my time could be beneficial. Ahum! Of course, there must be a ‘but’ to this vast freedom. And yes there is! The suggestion to try and write at random even when I don’t feel inspired, just to see what would come out anyway. I know how that one works, having written 58,000 words in twenty days during NaNoWriMo last November. And when I reread my torrent of words from that productive period, I was surprised to find it wasn’t even total crap. Still, inspiration wasn’t playing any real part in the process: it was just a matter of jotting down the required amount of words per day.

This makes me think – once again – of Julia Cameron’s wise words in her much praised method The Artist’s Way on how to unblock writer’s block: JUST WRITE, don’t expect it to be the next bestseller, but keep doing ‘your thing’. So this is definitely what I’m going to do: keep writing but not expecting it to be anything grand or important. The thought alone that what you write is grand and important, is bound to create a first-class failure.

So here are the results:

Procrastinate sometimes to replenish the creative reservoir: 17 votes

Write randomly when uninspired and see what happens: 11 votes

Always be self-disciplined and write whether inspired or not: 4 votes

Shut your eyes and pretend not to see the deadline approaching: 3 votes

Spend too much time avoiding starting: 2 votes

My conclusion on the poll? #amwriting

Thanks for taking part!

2 Responses to “Take ur time but write anyways”

  1. Well done Hannah for doing this. The vote is really interesting. Procrastinate sometimes, but not all the time! Writing anything that comes into your head, can help clear your head, and could be of use to someone who dabbles in psychology.

  2. I’ve learned to only write when inspiration strikes. However, if it’s editing for that deadline, I just have to push myself to do it.

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