The Jenna Kroon Series

The trilogy The Jenna Kroon Series is my first attempt at writing a series but it didn’t start out as such. I originally wrote Book 1 The Cottage on The Border as a standalone novel about the troubled but talented modern dancer Jenna Kroon de Coligny and her distorted anchestry and upbringing. But when the editor at my former publishing house Thorstruck Press returned the manuscript, she pointed out that the end of The Cottage at The Border wasn’t really satisfactory. It was like an open wound, raw and painful. Readers needed to know what happened to Jenna after she unfolded the cruel map of her past. Would there now be a future for her?

The first book in The Jenna Kroon Series explores Jenna’s tentative attempts at accepting that adopted bonds prevail over blood bonds.


thecottageontheborderThe Cottage on The Border was republished by me on 18 August 2016.

Book 2 in The Jenna Kroon Series The Farm on Nieuw Land Road continues after a three-year break. Jenna has refused to seek mental help for her anorexia and other traumas as advised by her foster brother, psychiatrist Vincent van Son. Instead, she has decided to give her already successful dancing career as a modern dancer a swing and enrolls at a prestigious classical ballet school in New York. But the past won’t let her go that easily. The Farm at Nieuw Land Road shows how Jenna finds her first real sense of self in the growing friendship with the farmer Denise Jansen before she can truly accept the offered affection of her foster family. But Jenna wouldn’t be Jenna if trouble always brew and impulsive decisions lead to far-reachting consequences.

The Farm on Nieuw Land Road was published on 7 October 2016.


Book 3 in The Jenna Kroon Series The House On Broadway deals with Jenna’s absolute height as a performing artist. The House on Broadway is a theatre, Jenna’s real home, the only place where, while dancing and performing, she feels at home. But what about Boras and little Ferdy? Do they count enough for her to step down from the stage and let the applause fade?


The House on Broadway will be published in 2017. The amazing covers for The Jenna Kroon Series are created by Melody Pond.

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