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As a short story writer and poet with more than 50 years of experience, I’ve been writing fiction since I could hold a pen but entered the arena of published authorship rather late in life.

When I’m not writing or thinking about writing, you can find me at the paid job at my local university translating stuff and recruiting international students, experimenting with organic food in my kitchen, stretching my old bones in Yoga or glued to WhatsApp exchanging funny messages with my grown-up kids. I’m also a devotee of audiobooks; stories accompany me everywhere, even on my daily walks.

But writing is the real deal for me. My books focus on female characters who are faced with impossible choices in their lives & who still manage to crack it whether they perish or survive. The stories are usually quite dark and gritty. My favourite saying is the last line from Boris Pasternak’s poems “Hamlet” ‘This life is not a stroll across the meadow.’ I write both contemporary and historical fiction with a dash of fantasy.

I recently joined the writer’s collective 13th Sign Publishing where – apart from publishing books together- we will publish an eZine on all sorts of topics and sell merchandise. First one comes out at Halloween.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy my website with (guest)blogs & other writing stuff.

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