A tale of Two Stories

Regularly, when the Muse is benevolent I write poems. Here’s a selection.

A Tale of Two Stories

The crimson sky stands proud against the fading light
As threads of weightless gold weave patterns for the night
Revered, Earth moves towards the dark side of her spin
The night’s beauty echoes the stillness from within.

A breeze plays with the curtains and the soul
The veil slips from the limbs, reveals the body whole
Warm shade of passion draws the figures on the bed
Gives life to thirsty loins, fills up the lonely head.

And though the clock remains the master of the game
The lovers linger free from time that has no claim
Where lips touch skin hands follow traces yet unknown
Searching the torch that brightly shines we’re not alone.

This ancient tale so sweet now twines our stories, too
Into a kid-glove morning, still wond’ring what to do
As Master Sun ascends to warm the bright, clear day
Sure you and me will strike upon our godsend way.

Hannah Warren

7 July 2006

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