Your Own ISBNs or Not?

As a new ALLi member I come across so many ideas I’ve never considered before but that help me to find my feet in the self-publishing industry. Sometimes – most times actually – all the helpful info confuses me, as the seasoned members talk of stuff I’ve never heard of. More about that in later posts as I dissect the info bit by bit.

First and foremost, the issue of buying or not buying your own ISBNs because I’m considering publishing my books on IngramSpark and for that platform you need to have your own ISBNs.

To get a clearer idea whether or not to invest the money, I’ve set up a poll on FB. I’m curious what my author friends think about owning your ISBNs. Amazon allots an ASIN to our eBooks and Createspace provides us with a free ISBN, so why bother would you think? It’s not that they offer personal ISBNs for free. Only Canada hands them out gratis. Lucky folks there! Prices range per country but are between €50 and €120 (depending whether you buy in bulk). This is a LOT of money for most Indie authors. On the other hand, whatever happens in the book business when you’ve bought your own ISBNs, your books can be traced through the ages and are really your own. Forever.

Please take part in my poll. You can find it here.

Thank you!

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