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I used the first week of January to spread my wings. Actually to spread the wings of my books. Four of my novels are now also published as eBooks on Kobo Writing Life. Soon I hope they will also be available in the iBook store and on Smashwords. They’re in the pipeline there.

Next to that, I’ve joined the Alliance of Independent Authors and am very happy I did. Worth checking them out yourself! I’m currently reading the free eBook (free for members) How to Choose a Self-Publishing Service, written by Orla Ross (ALLi’s director) and Jim Giammatteo. I’m literary getting all the answers I’ve been looking for for years. Regretting I didn’t join the alliance earlier as it would have saved me hundreds of euros wasted on inadequate marketing & sales services. I will definitely write more on the advice and the alliance in future.

After all the non-writing activities, such as dusting off my website and updating other social media, I managed some writing. Chapter 14 in the co-production with Lee Carey, Miles from Home and a headstart with book 3 in the Jenna Kroon Series, The House on Broadway.

And now this busy-bee is back at the paid job and my writing adventures are pushed back into evenings and weekends. Alas! Still hoping for the day I can live by my pen, but for now that’s a faraway Utopia.

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