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2017 has started for me with a focus on book marketing, something I really suck at and really need to get better at. For the past couple of days, I’ve been searching the net trying to find the best ways & options to increase my visibility as a published author. Like most other Indie authors, I’m someone with a small purse when it comes to spending on advertisements. Quel dilemma! For one thing is crystal clear in this book business: in order to make money, I will have to be willing to spend money.

Okay, fair enough, but on what, on whom, where? Which channels? Which sites? Who to trust and who to ignore? There are plenty of folk out there offering their services – in fact I think there are too many of them – and most of their results seem inadequate. At means to my liking. Of course, I’ve consulted author friends, asked how they did it, some are successful, some not so much. Is there a degree of luck involved or is it a systematic approach that ultimately makes you reap the harvest of your hard labour?

As usual more questions than answers.

I’ll dive deeper into this material over the next weeks. Tell you what may work IMHO and what not to spend money on.

For today some unabashed promotion for myself. After all, my ebooks can be purchased for a mere 99Cents during the entire month of January? Is that selling myself cheap? It might well be but it’s one way of trying to become more visible in the murky green soup of millions of ebooks.

Here are the most important links:

US link

UK link



If you are in another country than the ones above, just type in Hannah Warren in your Amazon and the books will pop up. Don’t be discouraged when you see no reviews. Somehow reviews don’t show up across the Amazons anymore 🙁

More on marketing & sales soon! Thanks for reading this post.


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